A couple things wrong with "standard thinking" about the TRC

I have a big post in progress about the singular disaster and ball of deceit which is the "Truth and Reconciliation Commission", hopefully you'll be seeing it soon [he's not kidding about the size either, I'm projecting a hernia -ed]. Meanwhile, I figured I'd post a couple comments on this ridiculous post by a Red Indian activist.

But for whatever reason, her WordPress settings are complete garbage and won't let any posts go through.

So you know me, I soldier on. Here's the original comment by John Bastable:
My awareness and understanding has increased significantly over the past few months, partly from social media interaction and partly from the TRC report. What I’ve learned is that the various indigenous nations that comprise “First Nations” were intended to have a partnership at the “national” level with Canada (“Settlers”). And that we need to turn to the “Treaties” and certainly not the Indian ACT.

The residential school horror-show was/is but one chapter in a long history of Canada reneging on the deal. While we did not have direct participation in the actions of our predecessors, we are direct beneficiaries. As the “Settler Nation”, we need not feel guilt; we do need to accept/embrace the truth of the past, and go forward in the spirit of reconciliation and partnership with our partner-nation.

And reflecting on past “land dispute’ incidents, I recall being conflicted – e.g. Caledonia, Ipperwash (Dudley George), Oka – probably because I did not have the information/knowledge that I now have. I’m not conflicted anymore; too bad they didn’t teach this stuff to me in school (1962-1975).

More recently, I listened to Pam Palmeter explain that the FNs represent the last line of defense (my words) for all of us in terms of protection of natural resources, as their rights are bound by treaty, not by Canadian law. Which makes Bill C51 even more ominous.

Not sure if I’ve framed this entirely correctly; still learning after all these years.
Ohh, "still learning", hitting all the Social Justice Warrior buzzwords. Good show, John, but I can do better. Here's my reply:
What are you talking about "reneging on the deal"? The Residential School program was intended to fulfill the deal: a modern education (functionally fairly similar to the British boarding school system, frankly). If you don't believe me, notice that the Canadian taxpayer is being asked to "live up to treaty obligations" by providing an ever-more-expensive modern education system (regardless, of course, with anything in the actual treaties, but that's par for the course).

If anything, the extra costs of the TRC and the apologies and the settlements and what-not mean that "we" the "Settler Nation" (hereafter called "the Nation") aren't "beneficiaries" of anything. The beneficiaries, both in terms of the education provided at the time (and the healthcare provided concurrently, a fact the TRC conveniently tried to turn onto its head), are entirely with the "First Nations" (hereafter called "not a Nation"). Considering that the treaty obligations have so one-sidedly been lived up to (Oka, Caledonia, etc. are explicit violations of the treaties by the not a Nations, and frankly Canada should revoke them on that basis alone), I don't see why we should be agonizing over "the benefits" even before you factor in that Palmeter is completely out to lunch about the resources. There's no sense "protecting" them as idyllic items to merely fawn over: they are used in the service of bettering the lives of Canadians regardless of what year their ancestors first set food on the soul (if they even did!) That process has been going on with a fair bit of success over the past couple-three centuries, and indeed emulating that success was exactly what the Residential Schools were intended to perform (which, on balance, they likely did as decent a job as they could be expected to).

Now there was a mostly reasoned post by Watachie...
I will read the summary, I will listen to all opinions and then I’ll make my own judgement. One thing I will not do, is to be made to feel guilty by a past over which I had no control. Regards funding to First Nations, as a taxpayer I am prepared to see my government allocate resources that are fair and reasonable. I am not prepared to do so however, without signed agreements, plans, oversight etc. by both my government and First Nation representatives. It’s good that you say it’s not just about the money. I agree with you there’s much more.
And btw, I and many of my friends, family, associates etc. will never agree to more funding for the CBC. That’s simply a non-starter and should be dropped as a condition immediately. I wish you all the success in the world and since my tax dollars are involved, I will be following the discussions carefully. I’m sure I’m not alone in that.
Not bad, not bad. I liked the bit about the CBC. Zed didn't though, and replied with this:
Funny thing, that: I and many of my friends, family, associates, etc. will absolutely agree to more funding for the CBC. My tax dollars are involved too, Watachie, and unless you’re somehow suggesting that your tax dollars somehow trump others’ tax dollars, I think it would be more productive to present a more reasoned approach to decision-making.

We’re all tax payers – even the five-year-old kid who buys a pack of gum at the corner store.

You say it’s not just about the money, but then you fall back on the old “my tax dollars” rhetoric. Can’t have it both ways. Seriously, forget the money (for the record, we’re a rich country – and we seem to have lots of money to throw around on things like gazebos and fake lakes and ad campaigns and perpetual appeals of court rulings). If this whole situation could be solved by throwing money at it, we wouldn’t be having this discussion right now. In fact, it’s largely money that’s to blame for the problem in the first place. Money and greed.

Now it’s time for a different approach. Getting defensive isn’t going to solve anything. The first step is acknowledgement, no matter how painful that is. Other nations have had to take ownership of their ugly histories too. It can be done, and we’ll all be the better for it.
Of course, I couldn't let that stand:
If you want the CBC to have more money, you can always write them a cheque. Then you don't have to waste Watachie's! And maybe, just maybe, the "money and greed" that has caused corrupt Band leadership to milk their citizenry dry can be finally eliminated?

Of course, that same argument can also save tax dollars from being wasted on the other TRC recommendations, none of which is worth enacting. Why? Because our "ugly history" isn't that ugly, and the TRC responses are far more ugly and far more destructive than a couple of nuns with sharp wits and sharper rulers could ever be.


Your Public Healthcare Success Story of the Day

10% of Britons are unable to secure a doctor's appointment.

For those keeping track, yes both the Vancouver and the London Olympics featured countries bragging about founding inefficient government monopoly healthcare systems.

Winnipeg Forks violence: they aren't #IdleNoMore

Winnipeg was marred with violence on Canada Day.

Nearby, earlier the same evening, a teenage boy was slashed with a machete during a fight at The Forks skateboard park. The boy was taken to hospital in stable condition.

"We're certainly looking into the possibility that it is gang related or gang motivated," said Const. Jason Michalyshen.
The CBC helpfully shows the video, and despite the blurred faces you can tell that it's a bunch of savage Indians involved. (Another clue: nobody moved to stop the culpit after the event). There's no video of the knife-play that sent three men to hospital from almost the same location as the video, but you can take a guess.

Being the CBC, naturally the commentards theorized that it was Harper's fault. After all, Alberta/Saskatchewan/Manitoba have the highest crime rates. Sure they also have the highest Red Indian populations, but hey let's not quibble! They must be the conservative voters' faults.


The Fagosphere got Rickrolled

Ugly bull-dyke Julie Baker, upset that her deteriorating looks and lack of employable skills prevents her from attracting a man, apparently faked a letter that convinced Familiars from around the world to send her tens of thousands of dollars.

Which, by the by, she's totally keeping.

Bonus poofters not worth idolizing: George Takei calls Clarence Thomas a "clown in blackface"

Liz Braun is an angry, mid-menopausal hag with an axe to grind

As expected, when people in the comments started noticing that the Toronto SUN's Liz Braun ignored the facts and posted a ridiculous attack on Donald Trump's accurate statements about illegal immigration, the same thing happened as always happens: the comments that expose their biases get deleted.

So here's an example.


Dominion Day 2015

What are some good Canadian drinking songs?

With Dominion Day today, along with the fact that Kurn and his wife are currently on vacation in Ireland, I thought it was a decent question to ask. About a week ago I created a list of Canadian drinking songs, which you can view on YouTube below:

What other ones are there to be added? When picking these songs I had two basic rules
1) The song has to mention the act of drinking and/or an actual alcohol. This isn't "fun party songs". You won't be seeing Kim Mitchell talking about patio lanterns
2) The song has to be either Canadian (ideal) or at least strongly tied to Canada. This is the bending I did of this rule so that I could include "Drunken Sailor" which has strong east coast ties despite being an American written song adopted by the British Navy. If you disagree with this bending of the second rule, you can skip the song.

Beyond this list, I don't think I've missed anything but I'm glad to be proven wrong (and expanding the list). So if you know a Canadian drinking song I've missed, leave a comment.


Ryan Reynolds, terrifying father

Let's count down, if you will, the problems with Ryan Reynolds having a daughter.

  1. Ryan Reynolds, the world's most annoying piece of shit, has reproduced.
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  7. No, seriously. The Reynolds line isn't dying out.
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  13. I wish I was kidding. The bloodline of the guy from Van Wilder is continuing.
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  20. Oh, and he's carrying her in an unsafe manner, somehow, in one of those baby holders
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Are Big Contracts worth it?

One of the cellphone games I play is "Big Win Hockey", and I recently had to debate whether or not to use Big Bucks to buy Big Contracts.

Typically I play with a two-squad system: I have my Platinum Team (with occasional upgrades to Superstar players, and occasional downgrades of Gold players), and then my Bronze Team (with occasional upgrades to Silver players, and occasionally Platinum players on expired contracts currently sitting out while a Gold player gets "burned up", but its not really an upgrade).

Recently I actually dropped the 50 Big Bucks it takes to buy a pack of five "Big Contracts". But is it a good idea and worth your money? It all boils down to whether or not the "Big Contracts" give you more play time or not. For that, we need to know the average contract size, which...we don't.

Instead we'll have to do some guesstimating. Having only obtained one pack, I don't know a standard distribution or anything, but my highest was 63 games and most of them were 50-53 games. Now let's compare with non-premium contracts. I like to have at least 30 games for each renewal, sometimes I'll get 37 or 39 game cards as well, so this average is a little more flexible: it can be as high or low as I want.

Since bronze game packs only cost coins, not bucks, and coins are basically infinite (you can watch free videos to get 300 coins, or two bronze packs), you could in theory sell all cards that aren't 35-game or up and keep bronze packing it until you get there. But let's say you just want in the 30s, and that your average card would be 32 games.

Each of your six players gets six contracts (5 renewals), so every renewal at a 32 games per contract average would occur after your player plays 192 games. After 192 games, you have to use a "Fountain of Life" (cost: 50 bucks) to get your player back. So that's 50 bucks every 192 games, or 0.2604 bucks/player/game. (We could multiply by 6: your team costs 1.56 bucks/game, but we're just comparing anyways).

Now instead imagine you buy Big Contracts. Each pack only gives 5 contracts, so in other words your one player will completely consume one pack (this is why we don't need to multiply by 6). I'm going to put an estimate of 55 games per contract card on average: if anybody has more experience please note it in the comments. At this rate, your player will manage 330 games before using up the final contract. However, you will have to spend 50 Big Bucks on the contracts plus 50 Big Bucks on the renewal. That's 100 Big Bucks every 330 games, for a Bucks/player/game ratio of 0.303. That's 1.8 Bucks/game for your team. In other words, it's not worth the money.

At 64 games/contract, the bucks/player/game ratio matches the "el cheapo" scenario. Relatively obviously, in our simplistic analysis the games/contract has to be double. It's not true: the first contract after a renewal is 55 games, so at 32 games/contract we get 215 games, not 192. At a 55-game average for the Big Contract card we stay at 330 games, but it doesn't make Big Contracts a better bet. In fact, it makes it worse.

If your team averages 32 game contracts, Big Contracts only pay off if you get an average of 75 game contracts, which you definitely don't.

In fact, I'm not sure offhand if 75 game contracts are even found: I think 72 is the largest I've ever seen. So in the final analysis, you're better off sticking to the "free" contacts you get in coin-purchased packs then you are wasting your Big Bucks. The only platinum contracts you should ever hold are the ones you get as a consolation prize when trying to get a Superstar player.

Bronze packs, by the way, destroy silver packs. Quite often silver packs don't contain any actual silver cards, and never more than two: unless you're really interested in fielding an all-silver team, take my advice and ignore Dan the Puckgamer.

Goldfish in Albertan lakes are why immigration from China must end

The Alberta lakes giant goldfish problem has caught the attention of the British press.

Which is good, because they're quick to identify the insane Buddhists who are causing the problem (which the CBC tried to dance around).

The Alberta government is making it sound like this is a problem with people flushing goldfish down the drain -- in all but the most rural areas this is pretty much not the reason goldfish are ending up in lakes and streams.

The real reason is immigrants doing something stupid, and political correctness isn't letting anybody say so. Buddhists who want to release goldfish into the wild should be deported to China where they can pollute rivers and lakes over there.


Apple Swiftboating

Taylor Swift takes on Apple Music Service.

"When I woke up this morning and I saw Taylor's note that she had written, it really solidified that we needed to make a change," said Apple senior vice-president Eddy Cue in an interview with The Associated Press.

Apple had already agreed to share revenue from paid subscriptions to the new Apple Music service, which will cost $10 a month. But Swift said she would withhold her latest album from the service because Apple wasn't planning to pay artists and labels directly for the use of their music during the free, introductory period.
So who wins? Taylor or Apple?

The answer is not you.

Edmonton's horrible police force needs more than just body cameras

Edmonton's entirely corrupt police force -- last seen harassing a man to death in a famous incident that at least was fatal to the "hate-crime" busting asshole responsible -- has looked into body cameras and said: nope, not interested.

Body cameras on cops are ways to record what police actually do when they come up against the almost-always civilians they target. Reason.com has done quite a bit on the subject, both the pros and the cons. The pros include a vast improvement of behaviour. Anybody who's witnessed Edmonton cops interacting with citizens notices immediately how belligerent and dominating the officers become -- and those are the ones in public, in private are far far worse -- and how quick they are to try to deny them their right to walk away and tell this second rate pig to go shove Kris Wells' dick up his ass. Pros also include, paradoxically, a reduction in complaints against police. While generally not applicable in Edmonton, where every police officer is corrupt, jurisdictions with a more healthy mix of good and bad cops see complaints about officer mistreatment go south. It would ensure that complaints only come when there's actual police abuse (also caught on video in this case), and not so much when the officer did nothing wrong and the complaint was frivolous (note: this has yet to occur in an Edmonton case). The other pro is that it immediately raises eyebrows when the video goes missing or camera evidence is destroyed. This tends to happen an awful lot, most famously in BC where Ian Bush was shot in the back of the head during an interrogation for "resisting" and the officers got off, in part because there was no video being recorded in the interrogation room.

Cons of body cameras include, of course, that corrupt cops like those in Edmonton like to tamper with video evidence (just ask Brian Fish), an increase in the amount of police surveillance, especially if the video isn't publicly available, and the loss of privacy rights both real and imagined if the video is publicly available. Yes, those are competing issues.

But back to the corrupt Edmonton cops:

EPS spent three years researching and testing the cameras with funding support from the Centre for Security Science. Some of the key points from their research were:
  • clear policies need to be drafted about when police should start recording
  • where and how to store the data needs to be addressed
  • the test project found no "significant" evidence that body-worn cameras reduced use of force by officers
  • police work time would "notably increase" if video review became part of daily police routine
Where and how to store the data isn't nearly as important as how to store and release the data is. More on that below. As for the "no significant evidence" that body-worn cameras reduced the use of force by officers, it's not clear that anything short of firing every corrupt Edmonton police officer would actually reduce that use of force, especially if, as noted, the video is never released. Apparently 70% of the police force believes it never will be (30% of officers said they wouldn't wear the cameras voluntarily). To that, if Edmonton does introduce police body cameras, pace Reason, several things need to happen.
  1. All bodycam video taken in public by Edmonton Police is in the public domain. This is an absolute 100% requirement. If it's not happening, giving police body cameras is useless. Citizens must be able to see all footage taken on public property, including inside of vehicles and homes when visible from the street. As well, all bodycam footage recorded while in a business which posts an "EPS Agent Status" sticker -- thereby allowing EPS equal authority to an owner -- is in the public domain and cannot be withheld by either EPS or the business owner. Because this footage is in the public domain, it must be available for any member of the public who wishes it. A reasonable administration fee -- I'm talking in the under $10 range -- can be charged to provide the public or the media with this footage, and the requester should provide their own flash drive or DVD to record the footage on.
  2. All bodycam footage recorded during the execution of a warrant must be provided to the subject of the warrant or the owner and resident of the property. Another 100% requirement, though I know there will be some disagreement on whether both owners and renters should get a copy of the footage. I specify both the owner and the resident (read: renter) in this section because if a search warrant is executed in a home property belonging to both individuals can be damaged and destroyed by excessive police action. Likewise, both individuals may be charged as a result of evidence collected during executing the warrant, and the bodycam footage will help determine if that evidence was collected under the restrictions placed on the cops by the warrant. There is absolutely no excuse for property owners not being able to witness what cops did in their home or place of business. They aren't permitted to run roughshod over property that doesn't belong to them.
  3. In the event that bodycam evidence is missing or destroyed, or a camera malfunction of any kind has occurred, the officer's testimony is no longer acceptable as evidence in any criminal or civil trials against either the affected member of the public or against the officer himself. This definitely will require legislation, almost certainly at the federal level, but is a complete requirement when dealing with corrupt forces such as those found in Edmonton or Vancouver or Windsor. Camera footage which for some reason stops recording or disappears is common when dealing with Edmonton cops -- remember, they tasered a lawyer who legally photographed their abuse of power and totally got away with it -- and the best way to ensure that doesn't happen is to put every pig on notice: if the footage disappears, the only side of the story that can be heard in court is the accused. If there's video footage for you to provide context or explain motivation for the actions you're witnessed performing, fine. If that footage disappears, it's clear that you did something wrong. If it's good enough for Canada Customs, then it's good enough for corrupt cops.
  4. Body cameras must be turned on for all public interaction except for where station surveillance or dashboard cameras are operating. If a cop is in their car the existing dashboard camera should be sufficient to record encounters...and in fact, dashboard cameras should be subjected to the rules above. While in the station, even in interrogation rooms or at the front counter, public interactions should be covered by existing surveillance. However, outside of these realms, a police officer's entire shift needs to be recorded. Sorry assholes, you've proven you aren't trustworthy. Everything you do is suspect, every one of you is corrupt, and every minute you're walking around collecting money paid for by taxpayers you'll be subject to their oversight. There should, again, be absolutely no forgiveness for officers who fail to collect video footage. If it ain't there, that guy who stands up in court claiming you murdered him can get you convicted of murder. Record the video or go to jail forever. You wanted to be a petty dictator controlling and bossing around the public, now pay the piper.
So there you have it: a way for body cameras to improve the shameful condition of policing in Edmonton. It's bad enough that men have to shoot the freedom-hating cops that come to their door to keep the police state at bay, even worse if they get to record video footage that only comes out when they don't have their own sick secrets to hide.


NIN - Highly Offensive Premier, Coward, and Princess

Surprise, surprise: a cowardly socialist mayor, a socialist mayor who lives like a princess, and Edmonton's most offensive politician had a great time when they got together to discuss how they were going to rob Albertans.
Nenshi also threw his support behind the government's proposed hike of the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

He urged the government to be thoughtful in how it phases in the increases, because of the potential impact on small business.

However, Nenshi said the initiative could help reduce poverty and allow working people to have better lives.
It's still mind-boggling, incidentally, how the same far-left economic illiterates who insist that minimum wage doesn't hurt businesses are also so wary about raising the minimum wage too quickly and "shocking" businesses.

Either it hurts, or it doesn't. Unfortunately, these three don't have enough brain cells between them to wonder about that, and you won't get the CBC asking them such questions.

Left-wingers in Alberta should apologize to Allan Hunsperger or cut out their own tongues

The godless socialists of the Alberta NDP encountered the first of many humiliating reveals right at the start of their term in office when one of their MLAs, Deborah Drever, turned out to have posed for an album cover in 2012 where she dressed like a slut and sits there while she gets gang raped. Drever has been a humiliating embarassment since the day she was spat out of her mother's womb, it turns out. She happily poses with marijuana t-shirts and people giving the Canadian flag the finger. Later it was also revealed that Drever had called Ric McIver a "gayboyz", which led to her expulsion from cabinet.

If you're wondering, by the way, how you missed out on this during the election, don't worry, you didn't. Exposing Drever is part of the project of a dedicated group of conservatives who have been performing the investigation into the NDP candidates that the media neglected to do (even as the polls hinted at an NDP majority government). Apparently voters in Calgary-Bow weren't particularly interested in their candidate either, not bothering to research her dubious (for the SJW-class) poses on album covers nor her horrible (for the sane people in the audience) political views.

Not only were the horrible NDP candidates like Drever, faggot Michael Connolly, and fascist-dictator loving Rod Loyola elected without the slightest amount of scrutiny by either the media nor the electorate, but what was revealed during the election didn't seem to matter one lick for the party's overall support. Is there a single person who didn't vote for Rachel Arab's NDP because they found out her candidates thought Hugo Chavez and his brutal dictatorship was a model worth emulating in Alberta?

In other words, when it came time to cast a "transformative vote" for a "highly likeable leader" and "sweep the tired PCs out of power" that was a mere hiccup, a curious piece of window dressing. Sure the NDP is made up of a boatload of horrible dispicable MLAs such as mentally retarded former bus drivers, mentally retarded and cowardly disability community support representatives, and mentally retarded minimum wage Starbucks dorks who live in Mom's basement. But we get a chance to remove the PC Party from office!

In other words, that same sentiment would have put Wildrose in power in 2012. Call it a victim of bad timing, whatever you like, but don't you dare claim that it was because Albertans were "worried about extremists in the party". They weren't worried about extremists like Rod Loyola or David Eggen.

Therefore, they weren't worried about Allan Hunsperger.

[include my own links in this paragraph]
You remember Hunsperger don't you? He was the man who spoke the unequivocal truth about sodomites and was brutally assaulted in the media for it. Everybody from the anti-Wildrose DJs at The Bear to Liberal activist Daveberta assailed him for daring to speak the inconvenient truth. The media (who, remember, are themselves fag-loving familiars) were quick to drum up a fake controversy about his views. We now know that it was a fake media-led controversy because we saw the complete lack of controversy about Drever. She's the retarded NDP MLA who proves that nobody had a problem with Hunsperger being in Wildrose.

If you claim that you did have a problem with Hunsperger in Wildrose, and you voted NDP in the last election, YOU ARE A LIAR. You're lying to me, you're lying to yourself, you're lying to Albertans. Just try to claim otherwise, you pathetic liar. If you shrug off Drever then you shrug off Hunsperger, and if you are upset that Drever got in then you implicitly agree that the majority didn't mind her and therefore Hunsperger either.

All in all, the 2015 Alberta election serves as a giant redemption of Allan Hunsperger. Danielle Smith owes him an apology, as does every left-wing media member who trumpeted up his story then tried claiming that they were helping Albertans identify an "extremist" who was too dangerous to keep out of government.

The entire present government is full of extremists. Nobody seemed to care, and those who happily voted for them should each personally apologize to Hunsperger.

Bonus analysis on the NDP win: Michael Gerson penned a great article in the Washington Post about Hilary Clinton's endless scandals and how they go all the way back to Monica Lewinsky:

Yet the practical effect of Clinton’s political victory, in a phrase of the time, was to “define deviancy down.” He had changed the boundaries of the ethically acceptable — in the character we expect from a president and in the behavior of powerful men toward young women in their employ. In the end, Clinton stood; standards fell.
But if Clinton succeeds, it would expand the boundaries of the permissible. It would again define deviancy down. Americans would have rewarded, or at least ignored, defiant secrecy and the destruction of documents. Future presidential candidates and campaign advisers would take note. Americans would have rewarded a skate along the ethical boundaries of money and influence. Future donors would see a green light, no matter what candidate Clinton says about campaign finance reform.
Defining deviancy down. That's the perfect description of the NDP caucus.


Miley Cyrus wouldn't have to question if I'm a man or not

Miley Cyrus showed up with a mentally disturbed faggot at an event for...raising money to stop mentally disturbed faggots from dying from the consequences of their sick lifestyles.

Tyler Ford says he's not sure if he's a guy or not. For those who aren't interested in ripping off a piece of this werido's skin to get a DNA test done, I offer a handy metric to help this sad loser out.

Hey dude, were you born with a dick that you could have stuck in Miley Cyrus?

If yes, you're a guy.

If no, you're a girl.

Indians should be apologizing to Albertans for being such slow learners

On Monday, Rachel Arab apologized because years ago some people thought that the Red Indian was worth educating.
“We want the First Nation, Metis and Inuit people of Alberta to know that we deeply regret the profound harm and damage that occurred to generations of children forced to attend residential schools.” said Notley.
FYI, every single word of this statement is a lie. Nobody "regrets" the residential schools, not really. Indians, remember, demanded they be kept open 50 years ago when the possibility of closing them arose. The reason? Because it's a lie when Rachel Arab says there was profound harm and damage done to generations of children. Other than a few isolated cases, there was no damage.

But Rachel Arab wasn't done being ludicrous on the subject of the Red Indian.
In a speech to the legislature, Notley also added her voice to those calling for a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women.
Look, we've covered this before, and I have more on this coming soon, but there is absolutely zero need of an inquiry, and the NDP are showing their ignorance by thinking there such a need exists.

We know why so many Indian women are victims of violence: they hang around high risk peoples. Short of making prostitution highly illegal and punishing the women who sign onto such a dangerous lifestyle, there's not much in practice that can keep Indian women from joining this notoriously dangerous profession. Then outside of turning tricks, the biggest danger to the health of Indian women is that their families and spouses tend to be the most violent and dangerous bunch of savages known to exist in this country: a Red Indian male.

Will Rachel Arab fight to ban marriages within Indian tribes to protect these women from the vicious violent men who do more to oppress and destroy them then the most lurid fantasy of "genocidal" residential schools? Will she require Indians remain on the reserve (ie. enforce the treaty) to minimize the risks that occur when they live in inner white cities? No, of course she won't. In other words, she's too politically correct to take any actual action to protect these people. Instead she's just got some cheap political points.

She doesn't know the problem, she doesn't know the solution. The only productive thing Rachel Arab can do on this file is shut her mouth.


Welcome to NAMBLA Junior High

Unbelievably, Edmonton Public Schools has decided to name a Junior High School after famous Edmonton faggot Michael Phair.

Phair, who served on Edmonton city council from 1992 to 2007, said he only learned his name was on the list when someone from the board called him on Friday.

"I had no idea that my name was even being considered," he said. "I was both speechless and surprised … and certainly quite honoured. I do feel there are a lot of other people and group who are a whole lot more deserving than I am."
No kidding.

The school, which is a Jr. High in the Lewis Farms area, is intended for kids aged 12-14. That's the breeding ground for Phair's fellow sodomites to start molesting their next set of victims. While on whole 42% of Phair's kind are molesters, when you look at famous homo activists from Harvey Milk to Harry Hay the tendency to lure in males of the age who will be attending Phair School rapidly approaches 100%. Michael Phair is too dangerous to even allow in the school named after him!

I call it "NAMBLA Jr. High" with no reserve whatsoever. These poofters like Phair live on sodomizing young boys -- ideally the age in this school or younger. If you don't believe me, just ask fudge packing British activist Pete Thatchell who calls for no age-of-consent whatsoever as part of the uranist agenda. It's no coincidence, of course, that three quarters of epicene men were themselves abused as children. Faggots like Phair anally rape these underage boys, and lead them down the sick path of perversion.

So what does the Edmonton Public School Board do? They name a junior high school after a uranist pervert who was caught in a bathhouse engaged in a sodomitic orgy.