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The BBC has some questions for Prime Minister Shiny Pony. We here at Third Edge of the Sword World Headquarters in St. Albans are standing by with the answers.

BBC asks Trudeau about Queen’s portrait removal and why rivals belittle him
  1. Because Justin Trudeau is a self-serving asshole
  2. Because Justin Trudeau is a moron
You're welcome, BBC.

University of British Columbia hates white people

The University of British Columbia is a pretty wacky place. It's an extremist far-left campus, in an extremist far-left city. The local MP is anti-Albertan enviro-fascist Joyce Murray, for crying out loud. This woman loves taxes like she's in a porn waiting for a hot sticky shot of taxes to the face -- until her own sacred cows are hurt by it, then she wants bicycles and related accessories to be exempt from the GST.

So anyways, the 4chan folks picked UBC as one of their targets in last week's White Student Council movement. UBC immediately denounced them, which is odd seeing how they claim to love diversity so much that they deliberately deny talented white people a berth at the University of British Columbia, and instead have inferior nonwhite students taking their place. Meanwhile if you're a fudge packer and want to live on UBC campus, they have special dorm room accommodations (read: sodomy-fuelled bathhouses).

So in that spirit, it's high time for all white conservatives at the University of British Columbia to stand up and turn the 4chan prank into a real movement. The logo, courtesy of the pathetic pansies at the UBC administration, is provided below.


Will the bureaucrats who okay'd these men be admitting fake Syrian refugees?

Oh yeah, that vetting of "Syrian" "refugees" is going to work out just fine.

A bureaucrat somewhere failed at the vetting thing once before, it seems. Will Prime Minister Shiny Pony fire the useless tit before his rubber stamp harms another Canadian?


Safe Spaces should include those big pillows stuntmen fall into

In the wake of the various "safe spaces" debacles happening on American campuses, it's worth looking at this story:

Hubert, a 24-year-old aerospace engineering student mysteriously disappeared after attending a sorority party at The Foundry at Puritan Mill on October 16.

After a frantic search by friends and family, using cellphone tracking technology, Hubert was found two days later about four miles away, bloodied and face down in a ditch at DeKalb and Arizona avenues. His family insisted Hubert was on a MARTA train that night.

"He got mugged. He left the party and we think he said somebody mugged him. They ripped all his clothes and his wallet and watch and phone
out left him for dead," said Diane Hubert at the time her son was found.

MARTA and Atlanta police confirmed Hubert was not riding MARTA that evening.

A source told CBS46 Hubert, whose nickname is reportedly 007, jumped off a bridge -- like James Bond in the opening scene of Skyfall-- onto a moving train, believed to be a CSX train.
He's an aerospace engineering student and he didn't know that James Bond stunts aren't real?

Do you think maybe post-secondary admissions aren't strict enough?

Meet the architect of Justin Trudeau's new refugee plan

Today Prime Minister Shiny Pony backtracked on his ridiculous policy to bring in 25,000 fake "Syrian" "refugees" into the country, instead admitting that he could maybe deliver 10,000 now and 15,000 later.

If this sounds familiar, it's because it is.

Prepare for the insufferable David Ortiz farewell party

(a special guest column by Eric Wilbur)

The David Ortiz farewell party, otherwise known as the entirety of the 2016 Major League Baseball season, is going to be an insufferable display of iconery from all facets of the game. The Boston media - hell, all media - will run out of laudatory superlatives to describe the Red Sox franchise superstar by the time Memorial Day comes around. Major League Baseball will attempt to market the star's final season with the inevitable tributes, T-shirts, collectible coasters, and Fenway Park dirt upon which Ortiz once tread. Twenty-nine other MLB teams will have to come up with more original parting gifts, after exhausting the well for Derek Jeter's retirement lap through the league last season.

The All-Star Game will no doubt be Ortiz-centric. Heck, Fenway Park may even have a sellout or two over the next six months.

Look, there's no argument that Ortiz doesn't deserve the accolades. He is indeed one of the most popular Red Sox to ever play the game, a consummate winner with three rings to his name. But let's stop with the knee-jerk nonsense that has Ortiz preparing to go into the business of multiplying loaves in his post-baseball life.

But because Ortiz played for the powerhouse Red Sox, his legacy has to be so much more. Had he won three rings in Oakland, his farewell tour might amount to a couple book signings and a new Samsung commercial. In self-important Boston, Ortiz will receive enough flowery tributes to make you gag. We're in for seven more months of debating where Ortiz ranks among all-time BoSox, among all-time first basemen, among all-time just ol' regular swell fellas.

The steady decline of Cam Talbot

Sonny Sachdeva for Today's Slapshot about Oilers goaltender Cam Talbot:

Through his 324 minutes of play thus far, Talbot has earned a goals-against-average of 2.22 (the 11th-best mark of all goaltenders who have played in five or more games thus far this season) and a save-percentage of .918 (the 12th-best mark among this group).

The sample size is still small and the season is young, but it’s already clear that Talbot is a notable upgrade over the Oilers’ previous options in the cage. Perhaps most encouraging for the Oilers faithful is the fact that Talbot’s numbers thus far align well with his previous performance in New York. He impressed in place of an injured Henrik Lundqvist last season while posting a goals-against-average of 2.21 and save-percentage of .926.

Talbot has continued to play at that level this season, which should be notable for the Oilers considering those numbers were good for 21 wins in 36 games for the Rangers. Crucial in that victorious run last season, however, was the fact that New York finished the year as the third-highest scoring team in the league – concluding the campaign with a goals-for per game mark of 3.02.
Oops. That story was posted on October 25th. Here's the Edmonton Journal on November 1st:
Edmonton Oilers goalie Cam Talbot’s last game in October was anything but a Halloween treat, but it was symbolic of his first month’s work. There is room for improvement with his .897 save percentage and a 2.88 goal average in 10 games.

Talbot wasn’t supposed to be a saviour in net after the Oilers traded three draft picks for him in June. They just wanted a starter who hopefully could be better or more consistent than Ben Scrivens, but Talbot has given up 15 goals in his last 115 shots; a rough patch, for sure.
Goalies can’t have save percentages under .900. Truth is, .915 is about average now. Talbot knows that.

He gave up two ugly goals against Calgary — the mishandling of the puck that Michael Frolik finished off, and the bad-angle shot by Frolik that found its way into the net. Are these mental mistakes or technical? Mental error on the first, technical faux pas on the second.
It keeps getting worse. What's Going on with Cam Talbot was the headline Suni Lagni of SB Nation asked on November 8th. And on November 18th Jim Matheson of the National Post admonished both Edmonton goaltenders.

Which brings us to November 23rd: Jonathon Willis has dubbed Anders Nilsson as the Oilers #1 goaltender. That night, he lets in a single goal against the Washington Capitals in a 1-0 loss.

Oilers management has now had a whopping three high profile goaltenders come into the team and become disappointments. Victor Fasth was a nightmare, faggot-loving coward Ben Scrivens now can't even handle the AHL, and Cam Talbot turns out to have been a phantom as well.

One hopes that the Oilers have learned their lesson: before considering another team's backup as the best thing since sliced bread, first make sure they aren't playing in front of a dominating defensive lineup. Anybody can look good with Drew Doughty playing in front of him. Put me in that net and I'd probably post an 0.825 SV%.


Eskimos are headed to the Grey Cup

With the thrilling (and, speaking as somebody who was in the stands, as scary as shit in the fourth quarter) win against Calgary on Sunday, the Edmonton "EVil Empire" Eskimos are on their way to the Grey Cup.

They'll face off against the Ottawa Redblacks -- wait, my mistake -- the Ottawa REDBLACKS in the 103rd Grey Cup, live from Winnipeg on Sunday November 29th.

The Grey Cup is definitely Edmonton's to lose. They're 14-4 and a year removed from their similarly strong 12-6 season where they lost every game against Calgary including the Western Final. Ottawa was 2-16 last season -- yes, you read that right -- and while their turnaround to being the Eastern leader with a 12-6 record is rather impressive it still won't be enough.

A curious reversal, of sorts: Edmonton was 4-14 in their disasterous 2013 season, and then similarly turned it around to 12-6 last year, and now onto the Grey Cup. Ottawa, playing in the far easier Eastern division, would be outside looking in if they too had to deal with the Stampeders every year rather than the niqab-loving Toronto Argonauts.

Regardless, for all intents and purposes the Grey Cup match was the Edmonton-Calgary game. Next Sunday should be just a formality. But any given Sunday yadda yadda yadda.

My prediction: REDBLACKS start out strong but can only minimally penetrate Edmonton's almost-always-stifling defense, and after an early lead the Eskimos will pour on the coals. Edmonton 36, Ottawa 17


2015 CFL Western Final

There's nothing down in Calgary but steers and queers. And John Cornish sure as hell looks more like the latter than the former.



Rodeo Kids Korral photos

Here are a variety of shots from the Rodeo Kids Korral event that took place at Gazebo (Dr. Wilbert McIntyre) Park in Old Scona on November 7, 2015.

Violence in Paris

The derka derkas try to make Charlie Hebdo look like a picnic in the park:

At least 100 people are reported to have died at the Bataclan concert hall in central Paris.
Gunmen took many hostages there before being overpowered when police stormed the building.
Others died in attacks near the Stade de France, with some reports suggesting a suicide blast, and at restaurants.
Paris residents have been asked to stay indoors and military personnel are being deployed across the city.
Paris is under a curfew tonight (for the first time since Adolph Hitler was alive), and has closed its borders.

Hey France! A little late now, don't you think? Next time why don't you do it when the smart ones warn you about it?

Update, 11:02pm: Turns out France isn't even closing its borders now! It's putting in tighter border restrictions in the form of checks at the border (ie. sort of a pre-Schengen arrangement) meaning that when psychotic Muslims show up, once they produce the right paperwork they're back in France plotting the murder of French citizens. Of course, because of Schengen there's even going to be the issue of how fast they can do this. They don't have personnel at border crossings, so first they'll have to find and deploy them, and then deal with the unions. The French border with Switzerland will be just as porous as the infamous cheese.


Patrick Kane vs. Hayley Pandolfi

In the sports world, Patrick Kane and Hayley Pandolfi are battling head-to-head in a he-said/she-said story of their sexual encounter.

But in the world of science, the two are reunited. Time-discretized variational formulation of non-smooth frictional contact was a 2001 article in the International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering and was authored by Anna Pandolfi and Couro Kane (along with fellow CalTech grad students Jerrold E. Marsden and Michael Ortiz).
The present work extends the non-smooth contact class of algorithms introduced by Kane et al. to the case of friction. The formulation specifically addresses contact geometries, e.g. involving multiple collisions between tightly packed non-smooth bodies, for which neither normals nor gap functions can be properly defined. A key aspect of the approach is that the incremental displacements follow from a minimum principle. The objective function comprises terms which account for inertia, strain energy, contact, friction and external forcing. The Euler–Lagrange equations corresponding to this extended variational principle are shown to be consistent with the equations of motion of solids in frictional contact. In addition to its value as a basis for formulating numerical algorithms, the variational framework offers theoretical advantages as regards the selection of trajectories in cases of non-uniqueness. We present numerical and analytical examples which demonstrate the good momentum and energy conservation characteristics of the numerical algorithms, as well as the ability of the approach to account for stick and slip conditions.

The "he said", as so very often happens, looks to be correct. This past week Hayley Pandolfi stopped cooperating with investigators and the prosecutor announced that Kane will never face a Grand Jury because the physical evidence backed his side of the story.


"They haven't really improved on the Oreo, have they?"

Harper vs. Trudeau


Distracted driving has never given anybody an STD

Metro columnist Mike Morrison: checking a traffic report while you're stuck behind a train is dangerous. Anal sex with underage boys, not so much.

Nenshi's totalitarian impulses are the scariest thing in Calgary this Halloween

In Nenshi's Calgary, the state fines people for giving ghost tours without getting permission from their city overlords.

Eventually the rogue group, who claimed to be with Calgary Ghost Tours, was found out and slapped with a bylaw infraction.


Money grubbing housewife becomes Alberta Premier, predictable results happen

Lunch Lady Premier's budget is horrible.

Hey, remember #MathIsHard? It turns out Prentice was right: like so many housewives with access to huge amounts of money they didn't earn, Rachel Arab is unable to balance a chequebook. This is partly due to her incompetence and the incompetence of her fellow members of government. But it's also partly because she hates taxpayers and thinks the money is just a free gift from above. In short, her government is part stupid, part evil, and all bad for Alberta.

So let's look at some of the highlowlights:

Remember the "mismanagement" of the Alberta PCs? The final year where Redford was turfed, Hancock lazed around, and Jim Dinning came in to save us all was a "operational surplus". It wasn't a real surplus, mind you, a topic we've covered before. Similarly, even in the "good news at the end" scenario the surplus you see won't actually be a surplus, and with the levels of debt being run up it could be 2030 before Alberta's back in the black again. That's a quarter century of progressives mismanaging the province's finances. Try to let that fact sink it a little bit.

a new Job Creation Incentive Program that will provide grants of up to $5,000 for each new full-time equivalent position created by eligible Alberta employers
Calgary Chamber of Commerce already blasted this idea while Calgary Chamber of Volunteer Organizations loved it -- time for a handy reminder that Rachel Arab's finance patsy Joe Ceci took the time to meet with non-profit leeches but refused to consult with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Wildrose, to their credit, pointed out the obvious: that this was basically very specifically targeted corporate welfare, which the NDP claim to be against.

Forget the fact that in the two years since Prentice the Alberta NDP will have raised spending -- already too high -- by a whopping $3.5 billion. Next year the interest servicing costs will hit $919M. That's almost as much as the entire Department of Energy ($990M), and it's literally tax dollars being pissed away with absolutely no benefit to the people of Alberta. Rachel Arab is sending almost a billion dollars to people like the Koch Brothers. Has anybody asked her vehement (and retarded) supporters how they feel about this?

Budget 2015 restores funding for post-secondary education that was cut in the March budget, and provides stable, predictable funding with planned increases in base operating funding of 2% per year. A two-year tuition freeze has been implemented to improve the accessibility and affordability of the post-secondary system.
High tuition is good. As a result, Rachel Arab is wasting the tax dollars provided by the hard work of private sector Albertans in order to fund a bunch of sodomy-loving useless degree holders. This is not good public policy.

Budget 2015 provides long-term stable funding for health care, protecting front-line jobs to serve Alberta’s growing population. Annual operating budget increases of 4% in 2016-17 and 3% in 2017-18 are planned, ensuring stable, predictable funding for health care.
Healthcare spending is out of control. Constant increases are not "sustainable" to use the NDP's favourite buzzword when it comes to private industry. At some point, hollow excuses like "growing population" (which under the NDP may not longer even be true) have to be abandoned. Public expenditure on healthcare at some point has to stop increasing. Ideally, of course, it should fall to zero because we should not have public healthcare. Once that happens, market pressures will cause healthcare to become like any other good: generally going down in real cost but occasionally increasing if specific external influences come into play. Also, let's remember that "front line personnel" are unionized nurses. Rachel Arab's husband is their union rep. This is collusion, and if Lou and Rachel Arab were private businessmen in America with this budget they'd be in jail for a RICO violation.

Budget 2015 provides funding for projected enrollment growth of 1.5% in 2015, and reverses a 3% ($78 million) reduction to school boards included in the March budget.
There's only one group with more clueless women wasting tax dollars than Rachel Arab's cabinet: and that's local public school boards. It's a nice little scam they have going: they beg for more money from the NDP, then they mismanage the money, then they tell the public the NDP didn't give them enough so the NDP gives them more. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Budget 2015 also includes new funding, beginning in 2016-17, to address classroom complexity and support inclusive education, phase-in a targeted school nutrition program and reduce school fees.
Lunch. Lady. Premier.

Lower oil prices and their impact on the provincial economy will continue to affect government revenue. Even with the tax changes approved in June and new revenue initiatives included in this budget, 2015-16 revenue will only be about $400 million higher than anticipated in the March budget.
Spoiler Alert: it won't even be that much higher. As a small example, and by small I mean not small, Cenovus has slashed jobs. Devon Energy cut 200 jobs, and Shell cancelled the Carmon Creek oilsands project. Part of this is low oil prices, but most of it is companies getting the fuck out of dodge with the extremist anti-corporation morons of Rachel Arab's government being in charge. When the option of paying extra taxes to meet Lunch Lady Premier's horrible spending spree or cutting ties to Alberta and running away, "the rich" whom the NDP and their retarded supporters hate so much pick the latter option every single time. So keep your eyes peeled.

Liquor mark-ups increase 5%, effective October 28, and the mark-up structure is being refined to promote made-in-Alberta products.
Besides the fact that Rachel Arab's government is hiking her government's cut of something that they shouldn't have any role in whatsoever (Alberta still owns the warehousing side of liquor sales, which is how they can always increase prices within 24 hours of making these announcements), the fact that there's some anti-free-trade protectionism included in the move shows exactly how the Alberta NDP act and think just like third rate banana republics.

The government is committed to maintaining a prudent level of debt even as the budget is used as a "shock absorber" for the provincial economy
The "shock" the economy is being forced to absorb is Rachel Arab's disgustingly extremist NDP government and the huge levels of public sector debt they are racking up as they funnel more and more money into their corrupt public union friends.

The Capital Plan is designed to put people to work, get Alberta’s economy moving and upgrade or expand existing infrastructure. Following on the advice of former Bank of Canada governor and leading economist David Dodge, the government is taking a counter cyclical approach to capital spending, creating jobs and promoting long-term economic growth by investing in infrastructure when it is needed most.
Neo-Keynesian claptrap. Which, by the way, not only doesn't work but curiously never is followed through in the good times when Keynesian economics says to slash government spending.

Aboriginal Relations. Consolidated expense is budgeted at $197 million in 2015-16 (excluding flood recovery initiatives). This budget includes $128 million for the First Nations Development Fund and $43 million for First Nations and Métis Relations. There is $1 million (increasing to $3 million per year beginning in 2016-17) to help build a new relationship with Indigenous
peoples and support initiatives in response to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Red Indians claim to be independent nations, so why do Albertans need to fund their cultural delusions?

Municipal Affairs. Consolidated expense is budgeted at $1.4 billion in 2015-16 (excluding flood recovery initiatives).
The next time cowardly asshole Don Iveson tries claiming municipalities are given the short-stick from the province, quote this piece of information at him.

Total public sector compensation costs of about $25 billion are budgeted in 2015-16, or one-half of total consolidated expense. Total compensation costs are expected to grow by about 2.5% per year over the following two years.
And then stop, right? ALL PUBLIC SECTOR WORKERS PROVIDE NEGATIVE ECONOMIC VALUE, so the faster they get paid less, the better off all Albertans are.

The NDP are going to learn the lesson tax-and-spend extremist liberals have never really truly learned: the way to raise tax revenue is make everybody's taxes lower. But the facts don't match their far-left ideology, so they'll bankrupt the province pretending their lurid fantasies are the truth.

At the end of the day, Budget 2015 is a complete disaster. The Alberta NDP are completely clueless. For being huge fans of big government, they show a remarkable lack of intellectual rigour when it comes to such important topics like how it actually works: how it raises money, what happens when it spends money, and how it can poorly incentivize a populace. They are blowing public dollars on a wide variety of dubious or flat-out wrong initiatives (including $178M for money on the homeless, which won't help the existing homeless who are mostly going to just take the dole and ruin their lives even further, and bring more of their unwanted lot into our cities) because they have a completely flawed view of what their role in the economy and society truly is.

We see now how accurate I was in February when I said that Prentice had a rare chance to shrink government. He didn't, the NDP accused him of shrinking it (because they are leftists, remember, they're always liars) and were able to point to all the problems caused by him growing government as emblematic of his vicious cost-cutting. His failure has caused the NDP to ruin everything that made Alberta great to begin with.

It's time to fight back. The Alberta NDP have to be stopped. Nothing is too extreme. From the Premier who should be making sandwiches in the kitchen to the retarded Mongoloid who is Marie Renaud, they all deserve it.

Give it to them.